The City of Cape Town

The Public Pool collaborated with King James Advertising to
produce a short film for the City of Cape Town, titled ‘The Change
Project’. The film’s goal was to show how simply giving money to people
begging on the street actually perpetuates their situation. We used 6
hidden cameras to capture real people reacting to being given free
money, showing that it can keep anyone on the street. The campaign has
been very successful, stimulating much interest and debate on the

Sanlam Investments

Working with Punk, Sanlam’s digital agency, we produced a series of 8 web videos around the National Bidget Speech for 2015. The videos were produced in only two days from shoot to going live, offering viewers detailed insights into the implications of the new Budget.

This video was released just prior to the Budget Speech, offering predictions…

And this one was released just after the Budget Speech, offering reactions…

H&M Conscious Foundation

We were commissioned by Steel Productions to provide camera and lighting gear and crew for a shoot with supermodel Alek Wek and Archbishop Desmond Tutu. 

The challenge was to capture an extremely brief encounter in a difficult location. Production was handled by Steel Productions and direction and post-production was done by the Swedish client. This is Part One…

Man vs. Titan - a web series

We recently collaborated with Rugged Phones to create two web films for their new Titan Smart Phone. The Titan is waterproof, shock-proof and generally indestructible. The brief was to produce two films that showcase the product’s toughness in an entertaining way. Working with an extremely tight budget and only one day to shoot both films, we roped in some volunteers and went to work guerrilla-style. Inspired by Jackass and Soviet Propaganda films, we had a lot of fun on these two simple little films. Keep an eye out for more videos in the Man vs. Titan series.

Watch The Icy Atlantic…

And Titan Turkey Shoot…

And Phone Skipping World Record…

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